Here are some pictures of goats from a trip to an apple orchard I took last weekend. I hope it holds you all over until I take some more pictures. I'm sure the 1 or 2 of you who actually look at my blog are SO ANTSY.


school and work are kicking my butt! i will post soon, hopefully.



I'll post soon. really, i will.


old europe 3 [03-09-07]

ok so i'm a liar. an extremely tired liar running on about 3 hours of sleep.
new pictures tomorrow. double promise.


old europe 2 [03-12-07]

This was taken outside of a shop called "Trunk" in Amsterdam.
I promise to have new pictures tomorrow :)


old europe [03-12-07]

i am sick today, so here is a photo from my trip to Europe last spring.



this weekend was insane. i pet sat and brought my camera with me, but my batteries were useless so i couldn't take pictures and then i didn't get back tonight til after dark.

i think this is the longest i've gone without putting up any photos since my first post, and it's driving me nuts. i guess the fact that it's bugging me is a good thing, because it shows that i want to be really dedicated to taking photos and getting better at it. but still! the lack of pictures makes me feel lame.

maybe i'll go for an extra long walk tomorrow with my camera after work to make up for the past couple days.



I've had a crazy week, bloggy friends. I'll update tomorrow maybe.


wait til tomorrow

no photos today, but tomorrow i will have shots from bar harbor.