Hello, bloggy friends!
I will try to post again soon. I'm waist deep in a mound of homework and I'm scrambling to get things done in the next few weeks. I will resume with my daily photos after Christmas, when I get my new camera.



Here are some pictures of goats from a trip to an apple orchard I took last weekend. I hope it holds you all over until I take some more pictures. I'm sure the 1 or 2 of you who actually look at my blog are SO ANTSY.


school and work are kicking my butt! i will post soon, hopefully.



I'll post soon. really, i will.


old europe 3 [03-09-07]

ok so i'm a liar. an extremely tired liar running on about 3 hours of sleep.
new pictures tomorrow. double promise.


old europe 2 [03-12-07]

This was taken outside of a shop called "Trunk" in Amsterdam.
I promise to have new pictures tomorrow :)


old europe [03-12-07]

i am sick today, so here is a photo from my trip to Europe last spring.