Dad [07-11-09]

I've never been that great at taking photos of people, but I'm trying to get better. The whites in the bottom-left corner of this photo are completely blown out beyond repair, which I don't appreciate, but I'm okay with the rest of it.

At first, it really bugged me that dad is in the upper-left corner, looking toward the upper-left corner. It just screamed bad design to me. But then I remembered that the reason I took this photo was because he was lifting up that pink glass vase to show to someone across the flea market. I thought "I have to catch this moment because it's SO dad."

But he should be looking INTO the photo, not OUT of it. It still bugs me now, but I realized that it still technically works on some level. We're not supposed to see who is just off camera, and the photo still feels natural, has some sense of balance, etc. It works for what I went there to do - take a picture of my dad at his antique booth.

Still, I will probably reshoot at another day to try to improve. I specifically want one where he's taking a puff of his cigarette, when the sun isn't so bright and with more of the colored glass in the foreground, because that's his favorite stuff.