Malachi [04-04-10]

splash [04-04-10]

Phoenix Rose [04-04-10]

Memere's yard [04-04-10]

starbike [04-03-10]

the back porch [04-03-10]

by way of explaination

I had been avoiding black and white photography for a while so that I wouldn't rely on it to save a mediocre photograph but adding that touch of classy simple artsie-ness. Now, since I've been doing 99% color photographs only over the past few years, I'm experimenting with black and white. I'm trying to play with things like dodging and burning and selective saturation, and trying to stay away from simply gray-scaling and bumping up contrast. I'm going to post some of the same photos in color as I've been doing in black and white later on. Additionally, I have been keeping all of my photos generally the same dimensions since I started the blog, but now I've decided to start experimenting with square photographs, and photographs featuring less negative space. I've sort of had a love affair with lots-of-negative-space photographs, but I'm starting to take photos that are a little more intimate now just to get some variety. Sometimes I'm not as crazy about the results as I have been with the types of photos and compositions I'm more comfortable taking, but I'm sure I'll get more comfortable as I take more photos this way.